Mission & Core Values

Mission Statement:

To provide communities and their residents with affordable and accessible health care solutions

Core Values

Our Approach to Health Care:

We fill care gaps in the community by providing affordable, accessible health services.

We strive to fulfill consumers’ virtual care needs and preferences.

We believe in high quality healthcare, and have more than 150 board-certified ER physicians that staff our services.

We continuously assess the services we provide, and innovate to meet the evolving needs of the community.

We provide health care navigation and follow-up care to drive better patient outcomes.

We partner with local providers and health systems so that we can provide our patients with seamless transitions in care.

Our Relationship with the Community

We have a commitment to serving the community and providing health care services to meet its needs.

Involvement by our staff in the community enhances our ability to provide effective health care. Improving the community will improve the health of our customers.

Partnerships with government, businesses, and other organizations enable us to better leverage our resources for the community.

We are here to help the under and uninsured.