Community / Government Testing

As a global pandemic swept the nation, many health care facilities were faced with unforeseen challenges including how to safely treat their patients. Unlike many traditional medical practices, Telescope Health is an innovative and agile business. Our unprecedented approach to patient care, in-house medical expertise and our technology platform enabled us to leverage relationships with larger health systems in order to deliver an effective solution for cities and communities in the midst of a crisis. With our support, health care companies were able to better serve their patients and individuals were able to receive quality health care 24/7 from the safety of their own home.

Our Services Included:

Development of turnkey screening & testing solutions

Activation of health care providers to virtual care/screenings

Hiring of customer service professionals to handle inquiries and support care coordination

Operational management of COVID-19 testing sites

In addition to rapid deployment of COVID-19 procedures and operations, Telescope Health has secured, staffed and operated two community-based testing sites in partnership with cities and municipalities to provide testing services to the public. We also served as a key community partner by assisting with on-site workplace testing, event safety services and improving health care accessibility through affordable telemedicine solutions.

Jacksonville, FL Case Study

In 2020, we partnered with the city of Jacksonville to perform COVID-19 services which proved Telescope Health’s capabilities as an ideal diagnostic testing, clinical services and telemedicine technology resource for municipalities, communities, institutions and businesses.