A safer way to return to work
With Telescope Health, there’s an easy way to reduce the risk of COVID-19 outbreak at your workplace or campus.
In March 2020, we were boots-on-the-ground first responders called into action by the City of Jacksonville to address the immediate need for COVID-19 diagnosis and testing at the Prime Osborn Convention Center.

As a result, Telescope Health now offers a seamless testing service that any business or organization can use to return to work safely, regardless of the size of your workforce.

With Telescope Health, you can provide hassle-free, reliable rapid COVID-19 testing to your employees in a safe and convenient location.

Here’s what we do:

On-Site Testing

Our mobile health clinic brings trained medical and administrative professionals to set up and conduct safe, private tests for your employees.
Leave the paperwork to us! Telescope Health coordinates all submission claims for you and your employees.
Viral and anti-body testing options. The viral test lets you know if you are currently positive for COVID-19, and the anti-body testing establishes if you have previously been positive for COVID-19.

Quick turnaround, so you get your results in 48 hours, or less.

Comprehensive Follow-Up

Regular monitoring and reporting of test results, shared to your HR team with employee consent.
Notification of employees – Telescope Health’s care coordination team will provide test results by email or phone, and provide guidance as needed.
Test results reporting to your HR team (contingent on consent by employees).
Access to a virtual provider through our telemedicine platform for follow up care needs and guidance.

For more information on our safe return to work services, contact