Rill Leadership
Matthew C. Rill, MD, FACEP
Telescope Health Co-founder
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Thompson
Matthew J. Thompson, MD, FACEP
Telescope Health Co-founder
Chief Operating Officer

Drs. Rill and Thompson combined have more than 30 years of emergency medicine experience. Having worked on the front lines of health care, they have seen firsthand the challenges that patients and providers face when it comes to receipt and delivery of the appropriate care when and where it’s needed.

To address an evolving care delivery system, the two doctors founded Telescope Health in 2019. Between Dr. Rill’s entrepreneurial skills and Dr. Thompson’s healthcare technology expertise, the company launched a telemedicine platform which could be leveraged by individuals, families, businesses, organizations; and in 2020 to provide COVID-19 screening.

As an innovative company, Telescope Health has been able to pivot into new health care services when and where communities need them. These include diagnostic testing, vaccinations, mobile healthcare, and COVID-19 safety.