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Telescope Health is a health care solutions company that provides innovative and accessible care options to individual patients, health systems, businesses, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, schools, and communities.

Services include diagnostic testing and vaccination administration, mobile healthcare, telemedicine, and event safety services.  


Covid Nasal Swab (1)

Diagnostic Testing

Learn more about our turn-key testing services that are designed to meet the needs of businesses, communities, schools, and municipalities.

Telescope Health Mobile Unit

Mobile Health Care

Telescope Health’s mobile health care clinic provides a wide array of services that include vaccinations, first aid, acute care, testing, health screening, and event safety.



Staffed by more than 150 board-certified physicians, our telemedicine services are utilized by individuals, families, businesses, health care systems, and skilled nursing entities. You can reach a doctor when and where you need to – 24/7.