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Revolutionize Your Healthcare Experience with Telescope Health

Convenient, Patient-Focused Care Navigation for Employees

Learn how we can help your employees.

Telescope Health is your go-to resource for any healthcare concern you may have. Our team of physicians, care providers, and concierge care navigators are here for you 24/7 to help answer questions, treat illnesses, refill prescriptions and more.


We can help you:

  • See a virtual provider anytime from your phone or computer
  • Find a primary care physician or specialist
  • Arrange your follow-up appointments
  • Locate the most cost-effective solution – for immediate in person care
  • Check into an emergency room close to you

Some of the conditions we treat:

Colds & Flus
Sore Throat
Sprains & Strains
Sinus Infections

Supporting the health and well-being of your employees and their dependents.

Together we do this by providing on-demand access to physicians, care providers and concierge care navigators. From self-funded plans to large employer groups, we are here to help your employees navigate their health journey.

Our 24/7 concierge care navigators are here to help patients navigate their healthcare journey, finding the most cost-effective solutions for their needs.

Table Item Typical Telehealth Companies Telescope Health
Treat common conditions (sore throat, UTI, allergies, rashes)11
Provide guidance for serious conditions and specialty referral1
Work with your local health system and providers1
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At Telescope Health, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive care that doesn’t end with the physician visit. By offering additional 24/7 support and guidance from our concierge care navigation team, we can save patients both time and money while ensuring they receive the care they need. We offer a valuable benefit that can help increase employe satisfaction, productivity, and quality of life. Join us and revolutionize your healthcare experience today.

Process, technology, & people

Care Navigation
Healthier Outcomes
Frictionless Software
Patient Experience
Unique Employee Needs
Increased Productivity
Physician Virtual Encounter
ER Avoidance

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